At our clinics we provide:

  • A thorough foot assessment
  • Assessment for medications that influence foot care
  • Evaluation of illnesses affecting feet
  • Safe nail trimming
  • If needed, nail debridement and callus care
  • Foot massage and moisturizing
  • Self-help education
  • Appropriate medical referrals

All within a 30 minute appointment. Appointments are recommended every 8-12 weeks


We offer provide educational programming to our current clinic sites, interested future sites, and the general public free of charge. The programs are informal, one-hour presentations, tailored to meet the needs of the participants. All programs are taught by a registered nurse with special training and certified in Foot and Nail Care.

The following programs are available:

Toe Nail Trimmers Services

Caring for Your Feet

Learn how your feet change with aging. Get information on caring for your feet and nails, including when to seek assistance. Come with questions and get answers.

Shoes and Your Feet

Learn how to select shoes for the comfort and safety of your feet. Information will be provided on proper shoe fitting and resources for obtaining shoes that fit comfortably.