Our Team

I joined Toe Nail Trimmers after 30+ years of acute care Nursing.  Foot care and mobility have always been key in my practice.  I receive great gratitude from my clients when they smile and wiggle theirs toes after I’ve worked with them.  Throughout your appointment I will teach you about foot care.  You will feel empowered!

Mary K

I have been with Toe Nail Trimmers since 2006. I have many years nursing experience working with seniors in orthopedics, home care and wound care. I am a Certified Foot Care Nurse. I enjoy developing long term relationships with my clients. I learn a lot from their life experiences. I like teaching my clients about how they can care for their feet to prevent any potential problems.

Kay Wienke

I have been with Toe Nail Trimmers since 2011. I have been a nurse for many years. My specialty was cancer nursing. I also did hospice nursing, home care and some teaching.  I am semi-retired now and really enjoy my position with Toe Nail Trimmers. When I semi-retired, I wanted a job where I still felt like I was helping people. This job allows me to do that. I enjoy working with seniors and teaching them how to better care for there feet.


I have been a nurse for over 40 years. The last 23 years I have worked as a Wound and Ostomy nurse. For over 20 years I was a home care nurse. That is where my interest in nail care began. So many people could not get out for regular nail care. I took my nail care training in 1999. Foot and nail care is a very rewarding job.

Kathy M

I have been a nurse for 43 years. The last 30 years have been spent in homecare.  I have been certified in foot/nail care as well as wound care. I have been doing foot and nail care for about 10 years and thoroughly enjoy helping people keep their feet healthy which helps them maintain their quality of life.


I joined Toe Nail Trimmers in 2006. I have many years of nursing experience and working with seniors in the areas of Medical/Surgical, Home Care, Durable Medical Equipment, Ostomy Nursing, and Foot and Nail Care. I received my Foot and Nail training at U.W. Eau Claire and am also Certified in Foot and Nail care. In all my years of being a Registered Nurse, this is the most fun job that I have ever done! I enjoy teaching my clients about their foot issues, hearing all the fascinating stories from the past, and love to see them leave their appointment with a lighter step and a smile on their face.