About Us

Toenail Trimmers, LLC was founded in 2006 as a means to provide safe, cost-effective foot and toenail care to seniors in a convenient location.  Our registered nurses have many years of experience working in clinics, hospitals and home health care.

All of Toenail Trimmers nurses’ are trained in foot and nail care by a certified RN in order to provide consistent quality of care.

The owner’s of Toenail Trimmers believe education is an important aspect of any nursing care. They have developed client handouts to reinforce the education provided by the nurses. Most of the nurses have other nursing positions in hospitals or other areas. These jobs allow them to keep current in general nursing and be a valuable resource of information to the foot care clients in a variety of topics.

Our staff members are prompt, provide exceptional service, and respect the needs of the client. They look forward to working with you in the future.

About Toe Nail Trimmers

Toenail Trimmers clinics are staffed by Registered Nurses who have had specialized training in foot and nail care.

Toenail Trimmers, LLC pays for and provides general liability, professional liability and worker’s compensation insurance for all locations and all employees.

Toenail Trimmers has been in business since January of 2006.

The original owners were working in Wound Clinics and found there were too many people experiencing injuries from improper foot and toenail care.  Other professionals were charging too much money for seniors to be able to afford regular care throughout their lifespan. We felt we could do a better job, a safer job and at a more affordable price. We saw it as an opportunity to provide safe, cost-effective foot and toenail care in an accessible location to the general community.

Toenail Trimmers does not have an office where you could go get your nails done. We hold clinics in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties in southeastern Wisconsin. Our clinics are in a variety of locations where seniors congregate. They are held in senior centers, retirement or senior apartment buildings, assisted living facilities, and churches. To find a clinic near you check our Locations page. Contact us if you would like to set up a clinic in your facility.